Thursday, 23 February 2012

Unemployment in Myanmar

This post presents an article from 7 Day News, February 23, 2012, p.11.


There is only 4 per cent unemployment in Myanmar
Htoo Thant

Yesterday, during the third regular meeting of the People's Parliament
union minister U Aung Gyi of the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Social Rescue[?] and Resettlement said that there is only 4 per cent unemployment in Myanmar.

In regards to People's Parliament representative Dr.Than Win's question about the problem of urban and rural unemployment, U Aung Gyi responded saying that "According to the unemployment rate, in ASEAN countries it is 5.2 per cent, the whole world has a rate of 6.3 per cent, and in Myanmar the rate is only 4 per cent."

As for Dr. Than Win, he said that regarding the unemployment rates in urban and rural [areas], young people in the cities spend time at tea shops, restaurants, billiard halls, and football games. Although they have ability it is difficult for them to get work. Something must be done to reduce the problem of unemployment, which is a very bad chronic illness for the country.

U Aung Gyi continued, saying that the number of workers from Myanmar who have gone to foreign countries is about 3 million, and there is a plan to send women workers to secure countries, and the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and other organisations will help bring about work opportunities inside the country.

U Hla Oo, a civil servant from another location in Naypyidaw, remarked on the problem of unemployment, saying "Some people have work. However, they sell two digit or three digit [lottery tickets for which they get] commission or support themselves on football gambling [for which they] get commission in some manner. There is still that sort of livelihood. Some other work opportunity is needed for these young people."

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