Monday, 13 January 2014

Eleven Media: Farmers become migrant workers as the farming worsen

"Farmers become migrant workers as the farming worsen", Eleven Media, 12 Jan 2014

Due to various reasons, farmers nowadays are leaving their farm and became migrant workers, according to the questions asked to farmers’ environment. Land confiscation, high cost in expenditure for cultivation, low cost for the yield crops, small production due to poor technology in farming, climatic changes and scarcity of cattle are some of the reasons why farmers leave their leave their farm to become migrant workers.

The Irrawaddy: Burma Opens New Passport Offices Around the Country

"Burma Opens New Passport Offices Around the Country", The Irrawaddy, 10 Jan 2014

Burmese citizens can now apply for and directly receive passports at 15 locations around the country. Previously the country had only one passport office, in Rangoon.

Burmese migrants stabbed in "gang battle"

The Phuket Wan reports on 8 Jan 2014: PHUKET:

Two Burmese were killed near a Red Cross concert last night on Phuket after a Thai superstar became embroiled in Thailand's national election protest and the concert was banned from going ahead. The killings of the two Burmese in a gang battle is likely to see a night curfew imposed immediately at the scores of workers' camps across the popular international holiday island.