Saturday, 6 October 2012

Murder of migrants by cop/boss

Reports of Myanmar migrant workers allegedly murdered by a police employer. "Worker shows shooting site," The Nation, 27 September 2012
Kala, the Myanmar man who allegedly worked for police doctor Pol Colonel Supat Laohawattana for years and said he had been tortured by his boss and forced to bury other workers, was summoned by the police yesterday to identify the spot where a couple were allegedly shot.
"Employee claims boss killed workers," Asia One, 25 September 2012


Bangkok Post, "Deadend to serial murder case?", 10 October 2012
Dead bodies buried all over his pineapple farm but it won't be easy to put Dr, Supat in jail for any crime... The former police physician is suspected of killing up to four people at the orchard... "We are also looking for another Myanmar worker identified as Yong who reportedly saw the doctor killing Ita," Pol Lt Gen Hanpol said. Yong fled the orchard after the alleged murder for fear that he would be killed too. "Witnesses in the house said the doctor was cruel and more Myanmar workers might have been killed," he said. "The killings seem to have been for [his] satisfaction and workers in the plantation are frightened of the doctor.

Bangkok Post, "Case against Dr Supat strengthens," 11 October 2012
Police will charge former police doctor Supat Laohawattana with murder after fresh DNA tests concluded that one of three human skeletons found in his Phetchaburi orchard was that of a Myanmar man who worked for him.


The Nation, "Search turns up more evidence at police doctor's ranch," 17 October 2012
In the presence of workers from Myanmar, police obtained key information during a search yesterday of the Phetchaburi ranch of a police doctor suspected of murdering a worker from the neighbouring country found buried on the property.

The search also turned up a rifle and other munitions owned by Pol Colonel Dr Suphat Laohawatthana. There were no details over whether the items were licensed. Suphat legally possesses a large number of firearms.

Brought to the ranch by police, a Myanmar worker named Kala pointed out locations where he claimed to have assisted Suphat in the shooting of the slain worker, Eta, and later with hiding his body. Kala said Suphat later ordered another Myanmar worker, a close friend named Tha Ngae, to shoot him, but Tha Ngae, not wanting to kill his friend, disabled a motorcycle as an excuse not to kill Kala.

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