Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saudi Arabia in bring in Myanmar migrants

The Saudi news outlet Arab News reports:
The Permanent Committee for rectifying the status of Burmese workers in the Kingdom is waiting for final approval of the Ministry of Interior to hand over the sponsorship of 40,000 Burmese workers to a national recruitment company.
The rules and regulations of the tender process will be applicable to the company, which will become an intermediary between citizens and Burmese workers.
The company will be recruiting workers from 25 professions needed in the labor market. Meanwhile, four government agencies are working out ways and means to facilitate Burmese sponsorship transfers.
While the committee for rectifying Burmese status will resume its business on Saturday, the specialized committee is also working on a long-term strategy that will benefit women from the Burmese community.
A workshop, which is expected to be held soon, will come up with a plan that will allow Burmese women to practice domestic work according to certain rules and procedures.
Abdullah Al-Qarrash, supervisor of the campaign to correct the status of Burmese community, said the company which had applied for transfer of sponsorships had huge potential and had expressed its willingness to secure jobs for workers after providing them with necessary training and preparing them for the market.
The company will give them health insurance as well other benefits that will give them a good working environment which in turn will raise levels of productivity.
Al-Qarrash said if the company gets approval, citizens can have trained and specialized workforce in many fields. These workers will be in a position to meet key market requirements, and will be signing contracts with the company.
These contracts will ensure the rights of both parties.
“Burmese workers will solve recruitment problems by providing skilled workforce that can provide services to the Saudi society at reasonable wage levels ranging from SR1,500 to SR2,500,” he said.

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