Saturday, 14 September 2013

On factory work and factory workers in Myanmar

Articles about factory work and factory workers in Myanmar:

"Commission report highlights mistreatment of workers in Myanmar factories," Eleven Media, 3 September 2013
A parliamentary commission has released a report detailing the abuse of workers after surveying various industries and garment factories around Myanmar.
"90 percent of female workers employed in garment industry," Eleven Media, 19 August 2013
Myanmar's garment industry employs 90 percent of female workers, according to Dr. Khine Khine Nwe, Secretary of Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) who was speaking at the Myanmar Women Dialogue held on Saturday. Myanmar has 3.6 million workers and 40 percent of them are female workers. "The garment industry used human resources and can create more job opportunities for female workers. After September 2012, numbers of foreign companies rose to 56. Among them, 44 are in the garment industry. That’s why the working force of female workers is very important for the garment industry," said Dr. Khine Khine Nwe. The basic salary of a worker in the garment industry is around 50,000 Kyats (about US$50). If the government give electricity regularly, the employers can increase wages to 10 percent of current salary, she added. In a January 2011 survey, about 50,000 female workers were found to work int the garment industry. By December the number of the female workers doubled to more than 100,000.

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