Sunday, 23 December 2012

The migrant registration deadline (and its extension)

There have been a bunch of articles recently regarding the 14 December 2012 deadline for registration of migrants in Thailand.
  • An excellent Mizzima interview (14 December) with Jackie Pollack of the MAP foundation about the implications of the registration deadline.
  •  A VOA article (14 December)about the ILO urging the Thai government to extend the deadline.
  • A report in the Phuket News (15 December) stating that unregistered migrants will be deported starting 14 December.
  • An article in the Myanmar Times about Myanmar president U Thein Sein urging Thai PM Yingluk Shinawatra to extend the registration deadline.
  • A brief notice by The Irrawaddy (17 December) that the registration deadline has been extended for three months.

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