Monday, 20 May 2013

Eleven News: Myanmar’s Oversea Employment Agencies Federation opens office in Thailand

Eleven News reports:
The Federation of Oversea Employment Agencies (Myanmar) has opened its first branch office in Bangkok to help Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand and to protect their labour rights, the federation chairman Min Hlaing said.

The federation will open offices in the countries where most Myanmar migrant workers are staying. The second branch office will open in Malaysia in the last week of June or July, the chairman said.

He said, “We will help Myanmar workers in Thailand to solve their difficulties and problems. We will serve 24 hours a day, and our services will not be limited to documented workers. We will help undocumented workers, too.”

The new office is located at No. 56/22, Pan Road, Silcom, Bangkok 10500, and can be reached at the phone numbers 20844486 and 09-20844468. Any Myanmar migrant workers can contact the federation’s office for help with their problems at work.

According to the report of the employment ministry of Myanmar, Thailand holds the largest number of Myanmar migrant workers.

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