Wednesday, 1 May 2013

NNT: Myanmar workers in Thailand participate in Labor Day events

National News Bureau of Thailand reports:
Myanmar migrant workers participated in Wednesday’s Labor Day activities in provinces across the country, while renewing calls for improved work conditions and rights for laborers. Over 1,000 Myanmar workers attended activities hosted by Mae Sot Municipality in Tak province. They took part in a colorful parade through the city before gathering at the King Naresuan Stadium to compete in sporting events organized to boost solidarity among the workers. In Ranong, Myanmar labor activists called for improvement of basic labor rights, which include health care, safety provisions and other benefits. They also stressed that a number of Thai employers in smaller provinces continued to avoid paying workers the new daily wage of 300 baht. The activist network noted that as Myanmar’s new government has taken measures to open up the country's borders, a large number of Myanmar laborers who migrated to Thailand are contemplating relocation to their native country.

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