Friday, 4 March 2016

Myanmar-Bangladesh garment manufactures cooperate

Will Myanmar's garment manufacturing develop in the direction of Bangladesh? (I can't help thinking of Rana Plaza.)
A leader of Myanmar garment producers has invited Bangladesh to work together in fighting global business challenges. "Now there are many challenges in the world. TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is coming. Why don’t we work together? We can fight together for US GSP," Khine Khine Nwe Rosaline, Secretary General of Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association, said in Dhaka...

Currently, the country has around 400 garment factories that employ between 350,000 and 400,000 workers. Bangladesh’s nearly 3,500 factories employ about 4 million workers. Myanmar exports $1.8 billion and has set a $10-billion-mark target for the next 10 years, while Bangladesh eyes doubling current exports to $50 billion by 2020. But neither country enjoys the GSP privilege in the US market...

She said Bangladesh was "so much advanced" in the garment industry that “we want to learn the growth story”. She said six months back they sent a delegation to visit Bangladesh’s factories and learn about business operations. “We’ll send another delegation shortly,” she said.
"Myanmar business leader invites Bangladesh to fight together for US GSP,", 4 March 2016

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