Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Police brutality against workers under an NLD government

Significantly, patterns of police brutality against workers continue in Myanmar under an NLD government. According to Eleven Media ("Victim of police beating transported to Yangon," 9 March, 2016):
"After everything was settled, policemen came again [to the factory in Dawei on 8 March, 2016] with their station chief around 11pm. Four policemen cocked their firearms and were ordered by a police officer to shoot anyone that entered. They then asked Thet Naung and Aung Phyo Lin to step forward because they had bad attitudes. When Thet Naung stood up, around 10 policemen grabbed him, and Thet Naung resisted. The police beat him, and one policeman struck him on the head with a thick rod from the factory. The doctor has said he has a brain hemorrhage and is not likely to survive. Thet Naung’s family was told that neither a surgery in Dawei Hospital nor the plane ride to Yangon can guarantee his life," said a colleague of Thet Naung who witnessed the incident.

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