Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Death by suffocation of migrant workers in Thailand

The recent death by suffocation of two Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand, while in a police detention vehicle on their way to deportation has received news coverage in Myanmar language, but little coverage in English.  The following is a brief article from The Nation on the incident.
Myanmar labor leader Mojo, who is based in Tak province, said he was very concerned about the death of two illegal migrant workers who died while being deported back to their country.The workers Mong Zo and Meela suffocated to death because the truck they were in was far too crowded and was traveling a very long distance from Songkhla to Tak. Mojo said the Myanmar labor union was very upset about the deaths and wanted Thai authorities to take responsibility even though the victims were illegal migrants. He added that this was a human rights violation and that he would take the case to the United Nation's International Labor Organization and the Thai human rights commission.

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