Thursday, 12 April 2012

More on the Songkla and Kanchanaburi strikes

Bangkok Post provides another report with more details about the recent migrant worker strikes at factories in Songkla an Kanchanaburi provinces. The workers "accused their employer of reducing meal allowances, docking their pay for so called 'bondage payments' and holding their passports to prevent them from leaving." However, "Thai labour authorities said they were monitoring the situation and believe the resentment stems from misunderstandings due to the language barrier." Regarding the Songkla strike, where the workers were mostly Cambodian, the Cambodian ambassador to Thailand reportedly told the labour broker "who brought in 800 workers from Cambodia to work at the Songkla factory to settle the issue quickly and smoothly or she will appeal to her government to withdraw its licence in Phnom Penh... She said she has communicated with the factory and [the labour broker] and advised the workers to respect Thai labour laws and not to resort to any violence."

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